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Furniture designs that are desirable to live with.

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IRFD was founded in 2013 by Ian Rouse with a simple aim; to design and make furniture that would be desirable to live with, and desirable to inherit. Focusing on elegant forms, considered lines and conscious detailing, IRFD offers a growing range of designs that are a pleasure to be surrounded by.

The style in which IRFD produces its work not only embraces the rich legacy of traditional craftsmanship, it keenly embraces modern techniques and technology. We believe that timeless design should be current with our needs and in touch with our newfound capacities to produce.


We live in a cluttered world and want our clients to buy once, and buy well. No two IRFD pieces are truly the same. As such, we want our customers to value that every IRFD piece they choose to invest in has a personal touch and is one of a kind, unique to them as a user.


We have had the pleasure of working with a wide array of clients on large scale commercial projects through to residential commissions. IRFD looks forward to talking and meeting with you to discuss your next project.

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What we do

A strong commitment to local industry is at the core of IRFD’s design ethos. We source all of our materials and any outsourced production to local suppliers and manufacturers. This of course not only helps reduce our environmental footprint, it helps to reduce yours as a customer. We pride ourselves on knowing our manufacturers on a personal level and believe this is the best way to ensure best the quality within our finished product.

Locally sourced materials

Easy to customize

Crafted by hand

One of a kind

Bespoke design

Timeless aesthetic

Thoughtful functionality

Finished to a high standard