KAN KAN_Table_

Available in

American Oak, American Ash, American Walnut High grade birch plywood top


Small - 500H Large – 650H


Matt urethane, Black Stain, Natural Oil Finish, Custom Lacquer paint finish in 20 signature IRFD colours

An interconnecting pair of tables designed to work as occasional pieces in any space, the Kan-Kan designs are a stylish, fun and practical solution for the smaller things in life. The upper surfaces cantilever neatly over armchairs, sofas and daybeds to serve as landing zones for books, drinks or mobile devices. When located together the designs take up only a small footprint within a space and angular profiling adds a visual interest to any interior.

Fully handcrafted from a range of solid hardwoods, the Kan-Kan design can be fully personalised by combining a range of finishes and signature colours to both the frames, tops and bracing bars.